Differential  Diagnosis and Integrative Therapeutic Yoga for Low Back and Lower Extremity Pain
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Stubborn chronic back and lower extremity pain compromise the lives of many of your patients.  With so many complex patients coming at you today, you can easily spend weeks going down the wrong treatment road with frustrating results for you and your patients.


This course will provide you with assessment tools to quickly differentiate types of pain and dysfunction and help you recognize when to change treatment tactics. This course will also introduce you to integrating therapeutic yoga into clinical practice in addition to coping skills for your chronic pain patients.


You will leave this course ready to deal more effectively and confidently with all your patients!  


Marianna Hendrycy, Physical Therapist

Marianna Hendrycy has specialized in spine care and the treatment of chronic pain for 25 years.

In the expanse of her career, Marianna has developed curriculum and instructed a variety of courses including anatomy and physiology, myofascial release and differential diagnosing.  She has taught her differential diagnosing series internationally and now includes instruction on the integration of therapeutic yoga into clinical practice.


Marianna is currently in private practice as a physical therapist in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In addition to physical therapy, Marianna is licensed as a massage therapist and Advanced Placement teacher in Biology. She has been honored with the distinction of Master Teacher in academic training.


Marianna’s most recent training has been in Medical Therapeutic Yoga, at the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.


Course Objectives

  • Participants will be presented with tools to differentiate between discogenic symptoms, myofascial and trigger point pain and peripheral nerve entrapments.


  • Participants will be able to identify indicators of underlying pathologies in the complex pain patient.


  • Participants will demonstrate techniques of disc reduction, trigger point and myofascial release.


  • Participants will be able to demonstrate elements of medical therapeutic yoga to incorporate into clinical practice of physical therapy with regards to treatment of low back and lower extremity pain.


  • Participants will demonstrate breathing techniques to increase vagal tone and promote stress reduction.



Course Schedule

7:30    Registration

8:00   Introduction :  What We Aren’t Asking - Why One History Isn’t Enough.

8:30    Discussion of signs, symptoms of and treatment options of HNP, DDD/DJD Spine,

            Facet Syndrome, Spondylolisthesis

10:30  Piriformis Syndrome, DJD Hip, MFPS, Trigger Points.

12:00  Lunch On Your Own

1:00    Chronic Pain/Trauma

1:30     Lab: Breath work,  basic disc reduction protocol, manual trigger point release, hip

            joint assessment and mobilization.

3:00    Lab: Integrative Therapeutic Yoga for management of LB and LE pain

4:00   Closing discussion, Q&A, Quiz

5:00   Adjournment, certificates of attendance awarded.

Course Information

This course is approved for 8 contact hours or .8 CEU’s by the Arkansas State Board of Physical Therapy and the Texas Board of Physical Therapy.

The target audience for this course is Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants.


Course Tuition $200.00  75% refundable if cancelled within 2 weeks of course.


To register visit:  http://www.hendrycypt.com/ and book the course online.


If you have questions, email hendrycypt@gmail.com  or call 479-437-9683.                                      


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