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I am closing my precious practice to travel more extensively with my husband and winter in the south.  Thank you to all who have supported me.  I feel blessed to have treated you and helped you heal!


What Can I Offer You?

I have been a successful physical therapist and teacher for 25 years.  I have extensive expertise in the treatment of the spine and chronic pain.  I am also highly trained in the fields of manual therapy and myofascial release. I now bring my passion, experience and clinical skills together with medical  therapeutic  yoga to offer powerful treatment techniques.  

I can also address stress relief with guided mediation and effective breathing exercises.

Medical Therapeutic Yoga

This is the use of yoga poses to provide strength and stability to joints while under the care of a medical professional who can also assess and diagnose the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction.  Also, one will leave with a personalized yoga practice that they can continue to develop  for a lifetime!

Physical Therapy

Manual therapy and other traditional forms of physical therapy will be provided as appropriate to assure all medical physical therapy conditions are addressed.

Vibrational Healing

Through the use of weighted tuning forks at varying frequencies.  Fascia, muscle and joint healing is promoted through the stimulation of muscle relaxation, clearing of blockages and restoration of flow.